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KS2 Living Things Activities

KS2 Living Things Activities

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This topic includes:

  1. Living Things Observation
    • Living Things Observation Sheet
  2. Grouping Living Things
    • Classifying Animals Video
    • Classifying Living Things Video
    • Classifying Living Things Activity Sheet
  3. Comparing Living Things
    • Comparing Living Things Activity Sheet
    • Living Things Picture Cards
  4. Classification Keys
    • Branch Classification Activity Sheet
    • Table Classification Activity Sheet
  5. Magnify An Insect
    • Invertebrate Photographs
  6. Build A Bug House
    • Build A Bug House Activity Sheet
  7. Seasonal Changes
    • Seasonal Changes Activity Sheet
  8. Identifying Human Impact
    • Human Impact Activity Sheet

Hey there, fabulous educators and curious home-teachers! Buckle up because we're about to dive into the wonderfully wiggly world of Living Things with eight STEM-tastic activities that are just perfect for your key stage 2 learners. Each of these activities is a little treasure trove of discovery, designed to sparkle up your science lessons with a dash of fun and a whole lot of learning. Plus, we've got you covered with worksheets and some snazzy videos to boot!

First up, let’s peek into the secret lives of critters and plants with "Living Things Observation." It’s like being a detective, but for science! Equip your young explorers with magnifying glasses and let them loose (with supervision, of course) in the great outdoors or even the schoolyard. Next, we're grouping living things together. It's a bit like sorting your favourite snacks, but with animals and plants. This activity helps kiddos understand that, despite the vast diversity in nature, there are ways to categorize living things that make it easier to study and understand them.

Don’t stop there; we’ve got more! "Comparing Living Things" is like playing spot the difference, teaching kids that while we’re all part of this big, beautiful biosphere, there are some fascinating differences between species. Then, crack the code of nature with "Classification Keys," a super way to turn young minds into keen classifiers. But wait, there’s more! Ever wanted to zoom in on an insect? "Magnify An Insect" lets students get up close and personal with the tiny inhabitants of our world. And why not get a little crafty with "Build A Bug House"? It’s a hands-on project that not only teaches about habitats but also helps our six-legged friends.

As the seasons change, so do our activities with "Seasonal Changes," highlighting the ever-dancing rhythm of nature. And finally, "Identifying Human Impact" gently guides students to understand the footprint we leave on our planet and how we can tread more lightly. Each of these activities is aligned with the Science National Curriculum for England, ensuring your lessons are not just fun but also super educational.

So, there you have it, our brilliant educators and home-school heroes! Eight engaging, easy-to-implement STEM activities that will turn your learners into little scientists with big ideas. Remember, every great discovery starts with a curious mind and a hearty dose of enthusiasm. Let's make learning about Living Things an adventure that your students will never forget!

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