Key Stage Activities

An expanding assortment of distinct key stage 1 and 2 subjects. Meticulously designed for homeschooling families and primary school educators.

Collection: Key Stage 1 Bundles

Welcome to Hands-On Education, where we strive to provide helpful and engaging resources for primary school teachers and home educators. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer comprehensive topic bundles that cover key aspects of the National Curriculum for England, including maths, English, science, animals including humans, humans, habitats, plants, and much more.

Our topic bundles include everything you need to create engaging lesson plans, including activities, worksheets, and videos. Each bundle is carefully curated to ensure that all key concepts are covered, while still being presented in a fun and approachable way.

One of our most popular bundles is our maths bundle, which covers everything from counting and addition to geometry and fractions. Our English bundle includes resources for teaching phonics, grammar, and writing. Our science bundle covers a wide range of topics, including animals including humans and habitats, plants, and much more.

We understand that teaching can be a challenging and rewarding experience, which is why we are committed to providing resources that make your job easier. Our topic bundles are designed to save you time and provide engaging content for your students. Thank you for choosing Hands-On Education as your resource for primary school education.