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KS1 Athletics Activities

KS1 Athletics Activities

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Our KS1 Athletics topic includes:

  1. Sprinting Games
  2. Distance Running
  3. Jumping Circuit
    • Jumping Posters
  4. Jumping Over Obstacles
  5. Throwing
  6. Obstacle Course
    • Obstacle Course Activity Sheet 

Dive into the world of athletics with your key stage 1 students and homeschooling heroes! We're here to sprinkle a little fun into your lesson plans while keeping those energetic young minds engaged and bodies moving. Whether you're transforming your schoolyard into a mini Olympic stadium or turning your backyard into a thrilling obstacle course, we've got you covered with activities that are not only a hoot but also tick all the boxes of the National Curriculum of England for Physical Education. So, let's lace up our trainers and jump right in!

First up, we have Sprinting Games that will make your little ones feel like they're the next Usain Bolt! These aren't just races; they're adventures waiting to happen. Imagine a game where each sprint is a mission - from saving the world to delivering secret messages. Not only does this get their little legs moving, but it also lights up their imagination. Then, we ease into Distance Running with a storytelling twist. Each lap could unravel a part of an exciting tale, keeping those feet pounding the ground in anticipation of what happens next.

Jumping is where we really let loose! Our Jumping Circuit and Jumping Over Obstacles activities are not just about seeing how high or far the children can leap but about transforming them into superheroes conquering tall buildings (safely, of course) or hopping over lava pits. And let's not forget Throwing - where every throw is a chance to save the world or score points to unlock the next level of an imaginary game. Lastly, building an Obstacle Course is where you and your kids can get truly creative. Use what you have around you to design a course that would make an adventurer's heart beat faster. It's not just about physical agility but also solving puzzles and working as a team.

Incorporating these athletics activities into your teaching or homeschooling plan is a fantastic way to keep your key stage one lessons vibrant and ensure that children are developing their physical abilities in line with the English National Curriculum for Physical Education. More than that, it's about making memories and learning through laughter and excitement. So, let's get those little hearts racing and imaginations soaring!

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