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KS1 Birds Activities

KS1 Birds Activities

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This topic includes:

  1. Birds Poster
    • Key Features of Birds Video
    • Birds Poster Activity Sheet
  2. Label The Bird
    • Label The Bird Activity Sheet
  3. Bird Diets
    • Bird Diets Activity Sheet
  4. Make Bird Food
  5. Bird Watching
    • Garden Bird Watch Activity Sheet
    • Water Bird Watch Activity Sheet
  6. Painting With Feathers
  7. Bird Beak Investigation
    • Bird Beak Investigation Sheet

 Uncover the distinctive traits of various birds and learn to identify them in their natural habitats through hands-on activities such as making bird food and using collected feathers to craft paintbrushes. This resource aligns with the National Curriculum of England's standards for Art, Design & Technology and Science. Explore our other key stage one topics for a diverse selection of curriculum-based activities for your classroom or home-schooled children. With a wide range to choose from, you'll have no trouble planning an engaging and educational day.

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  • National Curriculum of England

    Complete coverage for the following subjects:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Geography
    • History
    • Design and Technology
    • Art and Design
    • Music
    • P.E (excluding swimming)
    National Curriculum Guide 
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    All of these children's books are perfect for your little one's reading list or read-aloud favourite. Jeanie (the creator of Hands-On Education) has either purchased or borrowed from the library all of the recommended kids literature below. She hopes these books are as inspiring to you in your learning / teaching journey as it has been in her household.

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  • Free Reception Activities

    Watch your child thrive with these fun early learning goals based activities.

    We cover:

    • Communication & Language
    • Expressive Arts & Design
    • Literacy
    • Maths
    • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
    • Physical Development
    • Understanding the World
    Reception Activities