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KS1 Habitats Polar Activities

KS1 Habitats Polar Activities

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This topic includes:

  1. Polar Habitats Collage
    • About Polar Habitats Video
    • Polar Habitats Activity Sheet
  2. Antarctica Map
    • Antarctica Map Video
    • Antarctica Map Activity Sheet
  3. Polar Animal Adaptations
    • Polar Adaptation Cards
  4. Food Chains In Antarctica
    • Antarctica Food Chain Video Link
    • Antarctica Food Chain Cards
  5. Blubber Investigation
  6. Waterproof Feathers Investigation
    • Waterproof Feathers Investigation Sheet
  7. Create Antarctica
Discover the polar regions and their unique ecosystem with KS1 Habitats Polar Activities. Your child will explore blubber and the Antarctic food chain through interactive cards and map the region. This resource covers Art, Geography and Science in the National Curriculum of England. Explore more key stage one topics for a diverse selection of curriculum-based activities for your classroom or home-schooled children!

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  • National Curriculum of England

    Complete coverage for the following subjects:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Geography
    • History
    • Design and Technology
    • Art and Design
    • Music
    • P.E (excluding swimming)
    National Curriculum Guide 
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  • Free Reception Activities

    Watch your child thrive with these fun early learning goals based activities.

    We cover:

    • Communication & Language
    • Expressive Arts & Design
    • Literacy
    • Maths
    • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
    • Physical Development
    • Understanding the World
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