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KS1 Maths In Nature One Activities

KS1 Maths In Nature One Activities

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This topic includes:

  1. Counting In Nature
    • Nature Cards
    • Number Cards
  2. Nature Number Frame
    • Number Cards
    • Five Frame Activity Sheet
    • Ten Frame Activity Sheet
  3. Nature Number Line
    • Number Cards
  4. Number Bonds
    • Number Cards
  5. Number Array
    • Multiplication Cards
  6. Comparing Measurements
    • Nature Measurement Challenge Cards
    • Measuring Length Activity Sheet
  7. Shape Hunt
    • Shape Cards
  8. Find A Treasure Stone

Hands-On Education, also known as experiential learning, is a valuable approach for teaching children about Maths in nature, specifically for Year One students. This method is particularly beneficial for home-schooling parents who want to ensure their child meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for England. Key topics in Maths for Year One include counting, addition and subtraction, shape and space, and measurement.

These subjects can be made more engaging and interactive through hands-on activities that allow children to explore and discover the natural world. For example, a nature walk can be transformed into a counting game by collecting leaves, twigs, and other natural materials and using them to create patterns, shapes, and compare sizes and quantities. This approach not only enhances a child's understanding and appreciation for Maths but also makes the learning experience enjoyable and memorable.

Incorporating Maths into nature-based activities is an effective way for Year One children to develop essential skills while having fun. Maths In Nature is an excellent resource for this approach, providing hands

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