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KS1 Properties Of Shapes Two

KS1 Properties Of Shapes Two

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Properties Of Shapes: Two

Maths topic for Year 2

This topic includes:

  1. Drawing 2D Shapes
    • 2D Shape Vocabulary Cards
    • Drawing Shapes Activity Sheet
  2. Comparing Object Shapes
    • Shape and Object Vocabulary Cards
    • Shape Comparison Labels Sheet
  3. Properties Of Shapes
    • Properties of Shapes Activity Sheet
    • Shapes Vocabulary Cards
  4. What Am I
    • Shape Clue Cards
  5. Cut And Fold Symmetry
    • Cut And Fold Activity Sheet
    • Lines Of Symmetry Activity Sheet
  6. Measuring Shapes
    • Measuring 2D Shapes Activity Sheet
  7. Shape Hunt
    • Shapes Around My House Investigation

Welcome to the exciting world of Properties of Shapes Two, the latest gem in our Mathematics treasure trove, perfectly tailored to the National Curriculum of England! At Hands-On Education, we're thrilled to present seven captivating activities designed to turn primary school classrooms and home learning spaces into hubs of discovery and creativity. These activities are not just educational, but also fun and engaging, ensuring that every young learner gets a hands-on experience with shapes that they'll never forget!

Our first activity, Drawing 2D Shapes, lets children unleash their inner artists while getting familiar with the basics of geometry. Students will sketch circles, squares, triangles, and more, developing a foundational understanding of these shapes. Next, Comparing Object Shapes encourages learners to explore and compare everyday items, fostering a practical grasp of how shapes are used in the world around them.

Dive deeper with Properties of Shapes, where kids will break down the characteristics that make each shape unique. The What Am I game adds an element of mystery and excitement, as students guess shapes based on their properties. For a bit of art and precision, Cut and Fold Symmetry activities will have students creating symmetrical masterpieces. Measuring Shapes introduces the concept of size and dimension, while our adventurous Shape Hunt will have kids seeking out shapes in their environment, bringing the lesson full circle.

With Hands-On Education, your little learners are in for a delightful journey through the fascinating world of shapes. Each activity is crafted to be both insightful and enjoyable, ensuring that every moment spent learning is filled with wonder and excitement. So, grab your rulers, pencils, and a big smile—it's time to shape up your maths lessons with Hands-On Education!

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