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KS2 Exploring Pitch & Volume Activities

KS2 Exploring Pitch & Volume Activities

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This topic includes:

  1. Discover Shakers
    • Investigating Pitch With Shakers
  2. Water Xylophone
    • Water Xylophone Activity Sheet
  3. Investigating String Sounds
    • Investigating String Sounds Activity Sheet
  4. Exploring Pitch
    • Exploring Pitch Video
    • Pitch And Music Video
    • Pitch Activity Sheet
  5. Exploring The Volume Of Sound
    • Volume Activity Sheet

    Welcome to Hands-On Education, where we provide helpful and engaging resources for primary school teachers and home educators. Today, we will be exploring two important topics for KS2 students: music and science.

    For music, we suggest teaching your students about pitch and volume through interactive activities. One idea is to have them create their own musical instruments using recyclable materials and experiment with different pitches. You can also have them investigate string sounds by plucking different strings and seeing how it affects the pitch. Worksheets and lesson plans for these activities can easily be found online and adapted to fit your specific teaching style.

    In science, exploring the volume of sound is a great hands-on learning experience for students. You can have them investigate how sound travels by creating a simple string telephone or by having them try to muffle the sound of a bell in different ways. For a more advanced activity, try having them explore the relationship between the volume of a sound and its distance from the source. There are plenty of homeschooling activities and lesson plans available online to help guide you through these topics.

    Overall, incorporating hands-on learning experiences into your teaching is a great way to keep students engaged and excited about learning. We hope these ideas have been helpful in your lesson planning and that you and your students have fun exploring these topics!

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